Midday on Cars! with MPT’s “MotorWeek” host John Davis – WYPR

Midday on Cars! with MPT’s “MotorWeek” host John Davis – WYPR

Today on Midday, it’s Midday on Cars! Tom’s guest is John Davis, the creator, producer and host of MotorWeek, now in its 41st season. It’s produced at Maryland Public Television (MPT) here in Maryland and syndicated on PBS stations across the land.

For the past many months, it’s been a challenging time to be in the market for a new set of wheels. Computer chips are still scarce, and that continues to affect the price of both new and used cars. This past weekend was mild in the Baltimore metro area, but Winter is Coming, as they used to say on Game of Thrones.  What should we be sure to check before the weather gets seriously cold?

John Davis is with us for the hour today to take your questions and comments about all things automotive…Give us a call at 410.662.8780. Tweet us: @middayWYPR or email us at [email protected].

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