Letter to the editor: We are not getting rid of cars on Woodruff Road anytime soon – Greenville Journal

Letter to the editor: We are not getting rid of cars on Woodruff Road anytime soon – Greenville Journal

This is in response to a letter to the editor from our Jan. 7 print issue.

Sorry Will Morin, you are missing the main point of the $121M Woodruff Road project.

I agree with you that Woodruff road traffic (between 385 and Roper Mountain Road) is a nightmare.  I purposely avoid that stretch of Woodruff whenever possible for that very reason.  I also appreciate that you are suggesting alternatives instead of just complaining. However, I disagree with most of your suggestions and your key assertion.

Namely, that “Cars are a cancer … we need solutions to remove cars from the roads.” If we were living in a congested metroplex (like Atlanta), I might see your point.  But we don’t.  And people around here use their cars to get to work, home, shop, etc.  If cars are a cancer, then what does that make the people who drive them?   Super-spreaders of disease?

We aren’t getting rid of cars on Woodruff anytime soon, nor should we. What’s the alternative?  Public transportation down a 2.2 mile stretch of Woodruff road?  Where would employees and shoppers park their vehicles?  How would they transport the items they purchase to their vehicles?  We need to consider logistics.  The solutions that may apply to a city center don’t necessary work for a shopping district several miles from the downtown area.  Cars are not a cancer, they are a necessity in this area, and they provide freedom of mobility (particularly for those in our community who suffer from physical disabilities).

I lived in a major metropolitan area (Bay Area) most of my adult life and used various forms of mass transit to get around … but never when I was shopping. Woodruff is a retail avenue and as such, people need a convenient way to transport and store the items they purchase.  Imagine doing a Costco run for the family.  How on earth would you get an entire double-sized shopping cart of goods transported to your car via a light rail?

I appreciate your desire to solve the problem, but let’s allow those who have been given the authority to solve it, the freedom to do so in the manner befitting our area.

-David Kornaras
A concerned Greenville County taxpayer with a different perspective

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